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Just had a few days in Paris with my lovely daughter. We pounded the streets and covered miles in our quest to see some stuff. I was delighted to see an exhibition of Olafur Eliasson in the amazing LouisVuitton Foundation, his work is so simple and so beautiful.

We tried the Pompidou but the queue was too long and again at the Grand Palais, I draw a line at queueing to see art especially when there is a whole city to explore and not much time.

We contemplated Monet’s water lilies at the Orangerie and saw the Eiffel Tower twinkle. We ate crepes and pastries and drank some wine.

The Eurostar was great, quicker to get to Paris from London than to Borth!

I had a quick stopover in London, saw the fantastic PJ Harvey recording her new album at Somerset House and a life sized model of a polar bear walking down the South Bank.

Visited the Turbine hall at the Tate modern, ate a great Greek meal with family and friends and went to visit my elderly Great Aunt.

Back in wild and windy Borth and it is freeeezing.

I am ready to get back in my studio now, using travel time to sketch out some ideas…watch this space!

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