I have just come back from a lovely trip to Steigen in Northern Norway, a dual purpose visit to teach and to visit my dear friends Eva Bakkeslett and Clive Ardagh.

I have visited them a couple of times before but never in the winter with snow on the ground. Needless to say it was beautiful to see the snow covered mountains and I was lucky enough to have a week of clear blue skies, still weather and to be there at the return of the sun AND I saw the Northern lights.

The absolute highlights for me though was the ice in all its beautiful forms and the skein of Herons that graced the fjord just down from the house…I got plenty of images of the ice but none of the Herons whose hearing and eyesight were sharp which meant I couldn’t get close enough and with no long lens I had to satisfy myself with just looking!

As well as the ice there were some birds made in my Quirky bird workshop

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