I live on the coast of Wales in the quirky village that is Borth.

I have 2 children and a cat and am lucky enough to have a studio where I can work at the back of my house.

I am inspired by so many things; I love colour and pattern; raindrops shining in the sun; bird footprints in the sand; cow parsley; hermit crabs; magpies; any wading bird; in fact all birds; tall marsh grasses waving in the wind; happy people who love their pets; seed heads; John and Fish; Norwegian berry pickers; generous creatives and Special cat, to name a few.

I carry my camera with me often, collecting images to inspire my work.

My background is Fine Art; installation, video and printmaking. I love working with textiles. I screen print onto fabric using simple paper cut stencils, I often make clothes (never professionally!) and like working with applique and of course am currently mesmerised by wool fibre and felt making techniques.

Wool is a wonder, it can be wet and shrunk and used as a drawing material and moulded and sculpted, it is complex in its varieties and did you know, it has a memory!?

Wool has enabled me to  work 3 dimensionally, introduced me to some fine people and mostly it has broadened my creative horizons.

I also paint.

I teach  nationally and internationally, please get in touch if you are interested.

Click on this  Vimeo link to see me working, in this short film courtesy of R&A Collaborations