I made these 3 pieces for an exhibition at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in 2019.

I often feel that I am on a production line with making work, always half an eye on what might sell, this means when I am given the opportunity to exhibit I am able to make more conceptual work.

I feel an increasing responsibility to provide  visual, political statements, to highlight some of the very real issues facing the planet here and now.

Always with felt making I try to push my abilities and making these pieces certainly did this.


(wet felted wool fibre and plastic rope)

This piece is loosely based on weaver bird nests, great woven sculptures that house many birds.

The sculpture is made all in one piece and is hollow.

Evoking a sense of communal living this piece comments on the way that plastic has become part of us; the way we live and who we are, infiltrating our very beings.












Want v Need

(Cambrian mountain wool fibre, polystyrene)

Ruth used waste polystyrene to create the letters of the words. The wool fibre was then moulded and shrunk around them.

We live in the age of consumerism, we all have more than we need, we are drowning in a sea of waste.



































Dead Gannet

(Cambrian mountain wool fibre, wet and needle felted)

Ruth photographed this washed up bird on Borth beach.

The bird is symbolic, its pose, like a fallen angel; a gannet, in people terms ‘someone who eats too much’, it is beautiful and tragic.

Death is what we all fear but this death confronts collective responsibility; we are destroying the future.